7 Unexpected Nursery Mobiles

Posted on 12 November 2016

As promised, we've gathered a few of the best baby mobiles to consider when designing your nursery.  Forgo the traditional plastic, light up, noisy crib contraption for something a little bit unexpected. Artistic and whimsical, these seven mobiles made by skilled artisans will add something extra special to your baby's nursery.  


  • Merry Go Round Mobiles by Pehr Designs.  I'm obsessed with these funky little felt ball mobiles. So cheerful and modern and full of personality.  
  • Felt Flower Mobile by Ally Sen.  Unabashedly floral without being too frilly, these mobiles drip with heavy wool felt roses and glass crystal beads.  Baby's view is especially fabulous.
Tassel Mobile - Peach Stream
  • Tassel Mobiles by Twig & Tassel.  Soft, muted colors, pretty ombre tassels, gold tipped feathers and shiny beads.  These mobiles are a beautiful neutral option for a light and bright nursery.


Butterfly baby mobile - Dragon on the fly

  • Butterfly Chandelier Mobiles by Dragon on the Fly.  Strings of delicate butterflies tipped with crystal beads.  Easy to customize in a myriad color combos, I bought two of these when my twins were born and they are still my very favorite thing about their toddler rooms. 

  • Dreamcatcher Mobiles by Dreamkeepers.  This soft fluffy feather mobile brings a touch of nature into your space in true bohemian style.   Baby will love the fluttery movements and glossy beads, and you'll appreciate the rustic willow hoop and soft color pallets. 


  • Hot Air Balloon Mobile by Young Hearts.  I love these playful little hot air balloons.  There's just so much detail and attention packed into each balloon.  Lots of color an contrast to keep baby's interest.
  • Geo Mobile by Meraki and Company.  No list would be complete without this sophisticated wooden geometric mobile by Meraki.  Painted wooden beads in carefully crafted color combinations and simple minimal design.  

    There are too many beautiful options to list them all, but we'd love to hear your favorites.  Comment below to share the baby mobiles you love! 

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    • Diane Elliott : November 13, 2016

      I just love the mobiles that you have selected for our viewing pleasure! Gorgeous!!

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