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Posted on 03 January 2017


Peach Stream Toddler Craft - Paper Bunting

Why do I have this compulsive desire to display my children's scribbles?  I look at the "artwork" that they create with their color magic markers and I think... My God... this is magnificent!

I can't throw them away of course, but refrigerator space is extremely limited.  The piles of masterpieces I can't bring myself to toss grows more unmanageable by the day.  And then it hit me... Garlands!  I heart garlands. They are the flourish that ties together all my favorite kids rooms and celebrations.  

One day I came across some adorable bunting that I wanted to put in my shop (alas it was crap quality so you will not see it at Peach Stream until I find some worth selling).  I happened to be surrounded by marker scribbles that day, so I looked at the scribbles, I looked at the bunting and the connection was made.  

Two hours later... 

 Peach Stream Toddler Craft - Paper GarlandPeach Stream Toddler Craft - Paper Bunting

You will notice that I am lazy and did not spend a lot of time lining things up, cutting them perfectly, gluing them with precision etc.  Perfection isn't my thing.  I'm too sleep deprived and covered in boogers and spit up to attempt perfection.  But even the sleep deprived can accomplish this project with very little effort.  Imagine what could be done by a not-exhausted mom... Double layered, double sided, glitter, glitz, glam, adorned with pom poms... 

You'll have to visit a crafty blog to see that kind of fabulousness.  Or even better, DIY and send me a picture to post!

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Markers/Crayons/Colored Pencils 
  • Scissors
  • Twine (I used burlap)
  • Hot Glue or stapler (I used a hot glue gun)

1.  Let your kiddos go to town and color all over that paper.  Just give their creative little brains free reign.  

Peach Stream Toddler Craft - Paper Bunting

I know right?!... Magnificent.  

2. Cut the paper into triangles like so:

Paper Bunting Toddler Craft - Peach Stream Blog

3: Cut your string to the desired length and map out your garland to achieve whatever look you're going for.... ombre, symmetry, pattern... depends on what you have to work with.  Look at your spacing, decide if you need more triangles, how far apart they should be etc.

5. Fold over the top edge of your first triangle and run a line of glue along the crease.  Immediately secure it to the twine before your glue cools.  Hold it in place for a bit.  If you have a stapler, that would be easier - I didn't happen to have one handy.

Peach Stream Toddler Craft - Paper Bunting

6. Repeat until your bunting is finished.  This is not going to be a super child proof garland so don't expect it to stand up to a lot of wear and tear.  It's paper after all. But if you put it up and leave it be, it will hang cheerfully on your wall as a tribute to your child's artistry for years to come.

Happy Gluing

Peach Stream Toddler Craft - Paper Bunting




 Rachelle Elliott Peach Stream



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