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Posted on 07 July 2017

Baby in a bucket

I can't believe my baby is one year old! This little peanut brought so much change into our lives this year.  But somehow it feels like she's always been with us, like she was just waiting for her moment to swoop in and liven things up a little for the Elliotts.  

We love the tradition of getting professional pictures for our girls, both when they're brand new and when they turn one. I know we won't be able to keep it up every year, but in these early years I'm so desperate to freeze time and document their baby cuteness.  

peach stream cake smash

This little squish can be very serious, so I wondered if we'd even be able to coax a smile out of her at all, let alone get a picture of it.  But in the end she was so thrilled to have both her parents' undivided attention that she practically glowed the whole time.  It's rare that she doesn't have to share the spotlight with her sisters, and she soaked up every second of it.  This freaking adorable pose with her hands under her chin was one hundred percent her idea. 

mint and pink baby

We worked with some of my very favorite vendors for these photos and had so much fun putting it together. I've linked up vendor websites below in case you are looking!  You won't regret working with these ladies.

We loaded these shots up with Peach Stream beaded garlands (of course), which you can find here.  

pink and mint garlands

This cake...

watercolor floral cake the brainchild of creative genius and cake maker extraordinaire Annie's Cakes.  I knew I could trust her to come up with something exactly right and voila!  She painted these pretty pink and mint watercolor florals on white butter cream and it tasted like heaven. I may or may not have eaten the remnants with my bare hands on the way home from the shoot.  

It was almost too pretty to smash... Almost...

flower cake smash

cake smash one year old baby girl

little girl eats cake

Ro's pretty pink wardrobe is from our partners at Bailey Boys.  The pink seer sucker is actually a swim suit which we love and use often!  This gingham cupcake outfit is made so beautifully.  You can't see the cute bow in the back from these photos but it is to die for. You can buy it here.

pink seer sucker swim suit

bailey boys cupcake

Our fab photographer is Jaime from Sweet Embrace Photography.  Aside from being an amazing photographer and so sweet with my little ones, this woman has a prop stash like you would not BELIEVE!  The bows alone are enough to make a girl mom drool... don't even get me started on the blankets... and the outfits... and the buckets...  My god the buckets!  

Here are a few more favorites if you're looking for inspiration, or in case you just want to look at my cute kid some more.  Because who wouldn't?

Happy one year baby girl!   

rachelle signature

baby face covered in cake

girl baby on vintage suitcase

 peach stream garlands

garlands for baby pictures





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