Dedicating Your Work Days To Kids

Posted on 27 October 2016

1.The Pictures.  OMG the pictures!  Any research, marketing and shopping you do for a kids based business will bring you to image after image of chubby cheeked little cutie pies.  I mean... just try to be grumpy or stressed while you look at these stock photos.  

Big brother kissing babyBoys running through a fieldBaby FeetGirl jumpingBoy and girl in red sneakersGirl and dog in wagon

 You can't can you...  I knew it!

2. It's Never Boring.  Childhood is such a magical time.  Cliche but true.  It's a time when everything is fresh and new and amazing.  Kids are learning how the world works, discovering new things all the time, and they say and do hilarious and adorable things in the process.  For our business to be a part of that forces us to remember and appreciate those things that are important to children. To laugh and to be amazed and creative. It's an absolute privilege.

3.The People.  You meet the best people in this business!  Guess why most people in this industry got started in kids businesses. Yup thats right,  you guessed it... they like kids.  They are interested in making the world a better place for the youngest and most vulnerable of people.  Not that there aren't jerks in this industry too.  There are jerks in all industries, but I swear to you that they are fewer and further between in this corner of the world.

I could list reasons for days but I'll stop here with the top three.  If you're one of the amazing people who owns a business for littles, or works with them in any capacity, thank you for what you do!  

Pat yourself on the back and power through because it's not always easy, but it's always worth it.




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